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Girl Reject.

Boy Wonder? No. Girl Reject.

Got my period. Hormones in control. No longer wanting to die. I miss you guys. Haven't gotten any messages in weeks. Haven't posted much either. Makes sense. I just miss the internet.

I just saw a garbage bag full of dead kittens in the middle of a semi busy street. I saw one ball of fur, then saw a trash bag in the middle of the street. I slowed down…I ready knew before I looked…. I was (am) crying. It was another kitten …..omg….I was crying so hard that I couldn’t see, so I pulled over on another street and called my manager at work. We’re friends and she loves cats. She told me to call the cops. I was going to anyway. I was just so in shock. So I had to drive by again to see the exact location. …there were ears and legs smashed everywhere by that point!! No one cares!!! No one!!! They just keep on going. I fucking hate people. I called the cops. They probably won’t do shit. This was the worst thing I’ve EVER seen since my dad’s corpse at his funeral. Ugh. Drugs, please.

No posts or contact since this engagement thing happened. Been busy hating myself and working on the slowest improvement ever. I have redone my hair 3 times in the last 5 days. I just kept shaving and shaving. Recoloring over and over. I may be bald soon. Still upset with how I look. I’m trying so hard to quit drinking. I’m so shallow that it’s probably the only thing that will make me stop.

I got engaged, and everyone is losing their shit on Facebook. Like now they care. What a bunch of bullshit. I bet they think we’re having a wedding. We’re not.

I’m going to keep on ranting. My bf (when he feels like it, fiance)……need I say more? I love being mind fucked…over and over.

Watched too much Face Off. Saw Glenn Hetrick’s shaved head parts too much. Now I have the same shaved thing going on. My hair has been lame lately. Fuck, I’m only 28. Better that I do it now, while I can still pull it off. I miss my dreads…even tho they are in a bag on my floor (I found them while moving and I’m lazy as fuck). So I lost all my length in a drunk endeavor. I also lost my pig plugs (if you call them gauges, I will kill you) in the process. I’m half bald and 100% angry. Happy Sunday to you all.

willfuldaisy-deactivated2014091 said: i really like your face :D

Thank you. I do believe it is mutual.

Getting depressed/angry looking at wedding rings. I’m never gonna find a black gold ring that isn’t 2 fucking grand.