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Girl Reject.

Boy Wonder? No. Girl Reject.

Pretty sure this is the last night in my apt. My landlord never answers his phone, and earlier, I came home to find 2 letters taped to my door saying that he’s showing my apt on Friday and Saturday. I told him that I’d be out by the 29th (tuesday). So now I’m rushing to get my shit outta here. Wtf? What’s the point of “30 days notice” if you’re just gonna do what ever you want? Thankfully, my mom is helping tomorrow (her husband has a trailer), I got my new Jeep (more room to haul shit), and my mngr at work is super chill(so I can leave in the middle of the day for all these stupid appointments I’ve had lately). I’m just so exhausted. I haven’t been this stressed since my dad died. At least back then I didn’t have to do fucking everything. I need a “staycation” after this.

Does anyone know where I can find a Steve Buscemi face pillow? I saw one a few months ago on one of those pseudo grunge clothing store websites that sells expensive shit to white teenagers (I.e. dollskill.com/shoproxx.com/nastygal.com). Don’t get me wrong, I want to order stuff on all those sites, but it’s expensive as fuck, and I’m too old to be wearing half that stuff. Yes. I said it.

Such cunt. No one cares.

Such cunt. No one cares.

I got a new 2014 Jeep! Ahhh! I’ve been driving a 1993 Chevy Lumina from hell since 2010. I am beyond elated! Finally! Driving a car 6 years younger than you is embarrassing unless you’re 15-20 years old. Fuck dat!

My mom hugged me while i was crying last night and now i reek of old lady perfume. When did my mom become ancient?

My bf has asked me to marry him several times.tonighthedeniedme.#over